Choose Your Own Adventure: THE ABOMINABLE SNOWMAN Premiere and after-party at ECO Station in Culver City

Although, it was hot outside, it was a fun day yesterday (July 22, 2006) at the “Choose Your Own Adventure: The Abominable Snowman” DVD Premiere and the after-party held at the Star ECO Station in Culver City.

Stars who lend their voices in the film, and had a tour inside the ECO Station, include Felicity Huffman (Desperate Housewives), Daryl Sabara (Spy Kids), and Frankie Muñiz (Malcolm in the Middle). Other voice talents in the film but was not able to attend were William H. Macy and Lacey Chabert. Other celebrity kids who enjoyed the afternoon were Chris Kelly, Rob Pinkston, Roy Pinkston, and more.

Based on the popular series of books that has sold more than 200 million copies, this first interactive DVD features 11 exciting stories where players can choose different endings. The movie chronicles the adventure of three daring siblings who travel to the Himalayas to find their missing uncle.

After the screening, stars and VIP guests were treated with Solar Harvest foods ( and colorful ice snowcones, fresh energy drinks from Sharks, and a show presented by Capoeira, a flashy martial arts technique mixed with almost-like slow dance. Xingu (Charlize Theron’s coach in the movie “Aenflux”) and his group delighted the crowd with the presentation of Capoeira. Celebrities Michael Copon and Efren Ramirez tried the challenge onstage while Li’l Colton wowed the audience with his rapping and dance movements.

Felicity Huffman did not leave before touring the Star Eco Station (, a 501c organization wildlife rescue center located in Culver City. Michael Copon and Efren Ramirez tried to pet Bobcat “Jay,” a big python, and an iguana, while other celebrity kids also roamed around to see the rest of the tour. See Photo Gallery for more pics from this event.

Among talents who lend their voice talents on "Choose Your Own Adventures: THE ABOMINABLE SNOWMAN" DVD interactive include Felicity Huffman and Frankie Muñiz.