Top 3 "previews" at ComiCon '06
Here's what one of our readers, Mark Alvaranza, have to say about this past weekend's ComiCon event in San Diego:

1) Frank Miller's 300 - This is the most amazing thing I've seen onscreen. They "threw together" a reel for Con. It's about the Spartan war and the footage that they showed (UNFINISHED, mind you) was breathtaking. There's a lot of violence and fucking and the way it is shot is just unbelievable. Too much. Gerard Butler and David Wenham are in it and were both there on the panel with Miller.

2) Grind House - Exploitation perfection. Two guys that know the genre, have studied it, and have relished in it make a movie that is going to be fantastic. The trailer they put together was just from the first two weeks of shooting and was one of the funniest things I've seen in a long time. Rodriguez and Q.T., the masterminds behind the flick were there for the panel along with Rose McGowan, Marley Shelton, and, of course Ms. Dawson, who are all in the movie.

3) Southland Tales - Richard Kelly's next feature. He was there and ran about five minutes from the movie which was a musical dance-type number featuring Justin Timberlake. I didn't even recognize him. The movie about the end of the world takes place in 2008. It is preceded with 3 graphic novels, which are the first 3 chapters of the story. The film follows them with chapters 4-6. Sarah Michelle Gellar, Sean William Scott, and The Rock are also in the movie.

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