I'm really shocked to see Allison leave tonight at "You Think You Can Dance"!
Allison Holker

Ivan Koumaev

Since Day 1, I've been tuned up on watching "You Think You Can Dance." Since last year, when it was introduced to me because I had to see how Fil-Ams Ryan Conferido and Melody Lacayanga would fare on this reality-based dance contest, I was glued on by this reality-based dance show.

This season have some of the best contestants and each of them brings their own individuality and speciality on stage. I bow to all of them.

Since this season started, I would make sure I don't accept any events to cover on Wednesdays and Thursdays. I make sure that I am home before 8:30 (although, I've missed some but thanks to Tivo!)

Tonight. I was really shocked to see Allison leave, because it was a far from any hint that she will leave this soon. In fact, she's my best bet (sorry guys!) among them all. I guess I was so confident about her being at least the last three dancer standing onstage.

On second thought, to me, all of them (the last ten dancers) are all great. They each deserve recognition. One of the best thing I like in the show is they are really serious in their craft and they are inspirations to other people who love what they do best.

It is very inspiring to see how Ivan have evolved, being able to show more and explore the styles which are ancient to him -- like the ballroom. And from there, being able to understand what else he can do and not afraid of anything that comes to him.

The show has alot of lessons in life to tell. The experience being one of the contestants is something that they'll never forget.

I've met Ivan and Allison a few weeks ago at The Grove. They were really, really nice and fun and lively to talk to. Ivan and Allison have big hopes and big dreams. And I'm happy for them that at a younger age, they seem to be on top of the world.

Allison, I admire you the way you presented yourself with your last dance! You're smart to know that it's not the end of the world yet -- and you know that this is only just the beginning of a better future. I salute you!!!

To Ivan -- Good luck to you! And if by chance you get to the end of the rope, just smile -- because you're still the best!

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Oliver with Ivan and Allison