"Brokeback Pinoy in L.A." slated on October 20 & 21 at Stargazer Restaurant and Banquets at Westhill
Got a note from a talented actor/director and my "kafatid" Bernardo Bernardo. Here's his note:

Hi, Friends!

Your good Lola has a new show coming up celebrating the lives of the hardworking Filipino Immigrant in America: "BROKEBACK PINOY in L.A." Directed by stage, TV and film director Gregg de Guzman, the skits and songs laughathon runs at the Stargazer Restaurant & Banquets at Westhill on October 20 and 21 at 8 pm . Below, find the preliminary poster lay-out, ticket sample and Advertising and Promotions Scheme.

Join the fun and check out how you and your friends can ride the hilarious buzz of Pinoy shenanigans, American style.

In short, Your Lola needs Ninongs and Ninangs (Sponsors!).

Let's ride this huge wave of love and laughter together and let's create enough noise to make our thousands of fellow hardworking Pinoys reward themselves with a unique musical comic relief.

We're also open for bookings outside of California.


my email: bernardo_bernardo@msn.com

Below is the poster: