Mare Dayco-The Filipina Spitfire Performs at The Mint LA on Thursday, February 15, 2007

Mare Dayco-The Filipina Spitfire Performs at The Mint this Thursday, February 15, 2007.


Mare Dayco, the first Filipina Rockstar to bring her indie/acoustic/pop music to the infamous Troubadour stage in Hollywood, home where is presently the #1 club venue in Los Angeles is where many legends got their start including Bob Dylan, Elton John, Joni Mitchell, Coldplay, Pearl Jam, No Doubt, etc.

This Thursday, after a successful show at the Troubador, she will perform on the 7:00 slot at The Mint ( The Spitfire is proud to represent her Filipino culture at the venue, and is hoping the community will come out to show their support! Doors open at 6:30pm, and tickets will be sold at the door for $7.00. Industry professionals, press with credentials, are always FREE.

Check out The Filipina Spitfire's pop/acoustic sounds at "mare dayco music" or on "mare dayco," and also at


Mare Dayco is known as the Filipina Spitfire with an indie/acoustic/pop
rock sound that rocked the stages of UCLA where the little diva gained a strong following, as well as a B.A. in English with an emphasis in Creative Writing.

Born in San Francisco and raised in the Bay Area, Mare Dayco is one of several trailblazers in the Filipino Community and is a driving force in making a name for Filipinas in the Hollywood Music Industry.

As a young child, Mare acquired a serious skin disorder called psoriasis and almost lost her life on several different occasions. She was the poster child for the disease, and grew up enduring harsh medications, painful chemotherapy treatments, as well as a great deal of rejection from her peers due to her monstrous appearance. As a child, she got beat up and chased by kids after school who threw rocks at her.

Despite the sometimes overwhelming amount of adversity, Mare pressed on and found that her faith in God and her strong belief in accomplishing her dreams overcame the doubt and fear that even her frustrated doctors had instilled in her.

It all turned around in high school. Mare made the Varsity cheerleading squad as a freshmen and cheered for Varsity her sophomore year. Later, she went on to become the junior class President and Homecoming Princess, and by her senior year, Mare was elected as ASB Vice President and as Senior Homecoming Princess.

Her music career began from an early age when her mother (who had dreams of becoming a famous singer herself) taught Mare how to sing popular songs and began putting Mare on stage at different Filipino Community events.

Mare represented her kindergarten class in the all school talent show, and thus, her stage career was born. At the tender age of seven, Mare was given her first casio keyboard by her parents while in the hospital, due to her 1-3 month long stays. Her father and mother had heard the gospel on a Christian radio station, and soon her father shared the good news with her.

Mare began writing songs to God from her bedside, and when she got well enough, she jumped into performing her new songs for her church family. The support was overwhelming and she was encouraged to continue using her new found gift of songwriting. Soon, offers to play in other churches came about as well as other opportunities such as weddings, parties, funerals, shelters, camps, etc.

Mare was approached by music producers and not too long after, she recorded her first demos. She played keyboards everywhere she went and also took up the guitar. One of her demos landed in the hands of Wayne Kirkpatrick, producer to queen of Christian Music, Amy Grant. Kirkpatrick encouraged Mare to start a band, and for the next three years, Mare toured and performed with her 5 piece outfit, Twenty-Four-Seven. They broke up due to creative differences, and Mare decided to head to UCLA and go solo.

For two years, she played Kerckhoff Coffeehouse religiously every Thursday for an event called "Eclectic Nights." Being approached by several labels in the past while also winning a showcase with Bad Boy Entertainment, Mare discovered that being on her own was the best decision for her career in the end. With advice from Randy Jackson (American Idol), Mare decided to manage her own career and currently plays, records, and co-produces her own music.

Her dream is to kick the door wide open for all Asians and Filipinos in
the music industry, in the United States, as well as inspire those who face impossible circumstances due to their disabilities. "I don't give up, period," Mare states, "because with God, ALL things are possible. When God makes promises like that, you better believe I'm gonna go for it!"