SHREK THE THIRD in full force at Westwood Premiere
SHREK THE THIRD in full force on Sunday during Westwood Premiere

Photos & text by Oliver Carnay

Eddie Murphy strike out a wide smile after one of the media complemented him his portrayal as "the best cinematic donkey movie cinema ever produced."

Cast member Antonio Banderas brought along wife Melanie Griffith

Mike Myers and Cameron Diaz playfull at the green carpet

Pop star turned actor Justin Timberlake arrived alone but got a courtesy hug from former girlfriend Cameron Diaz

Shrek The Third cast members came in full force to attend the Los Angeles Premiere held at the Mann’s Village Theatre in Westwood, California on Sunday, May 6. The big green ogre was visibly right at the center guarding the all-green carpet complete with backdrop castle.

One of the most anticipated summer movie Premieres, the credentialed media seems more interested of the hot entertainment questions between former lovers -- pop star Justin Timberlake (who plays would-be King Arthur, Artie) and actress Cameron Diaz (who plays the voice of Fiona) as they meet at the red carpet (aside from the topic about defamed Paris Hilton). The two greeted each other a cordial smile and hug during the “photo opportunity” set up before finally entering the theatre.

In this third installation, when Shrek (voice of Mike Myers) married Fiona, the last thing he had in mind was becoming the next King. But when Shrek’s father-in-law, King Harold, suddenly croaks, that is exactly what he faces. Unless Shrek, with the help of his trusted companions Donkey (voice of Eddie Murphy) and Puss In Boots (Antonio Banderas) can find a suitable King for Far Far Away, the ogre could be stuck with the job. The most promising candidate, Fiona’s cousin Artie (Justin Timberlake), an underachieving Medieval high school slacker, proves to be more of a challenge than they bargained for.

Other stars who lend their voice include Julie Andrews (Queen Lilian), Rupert Everrett (Prince Charming), Eric Idle (Merlin), Susan Blakeslee (Evil Queen), Cody Cameron (Pinocchio/ Three Pigs/ Ogre Baby/ Bohort), Larry King (Doris), Amy Sedaris (Cinderella), Maya Rudolph (Rapunzel), Seth Rogan (Ship Captain), Amy Poehler (Snow White), Regis Philbin (Mabel), Cheri Oteri (Sleeping Beauty/actress), Ian McShane (Captain Hook), John Krasinski (Lancelot), Christopher Knights (Blind Mice/Heckler/Evil Three #2/Guard 2), and many others.

Mega-movies are all starting to gear up before this summer. With Shrek the Third’s May 18 release sandwiched between Spider-Man 3, and the May 25 arrival of Pirates of the Carribean: At World’s End, critics wonder how many mega-movies the marketplace can each be supported. I think it would still be hard to topple Spider-Man 3, which broke all box-office records this past weekend (it made a smashing $375 million worldwide). Browse photos from the Premiere at (see Photo Gallery).

Cameron Diaz took her time out to meet and sign autographs for fans waiting in line to meet her. See Photo Gallery for more pics.