Spike TV’s First Annual Guys Choice Awards and after-party
Spike TV’s First Annual Guys Choice Awards and after-party

(Steve-O with girlfriend Kat Von D, backstage being interviewed by the press media)

(Comedian Tracy Morgan hosted the first GUYS CHOICE AWARDS held at CBS' Radford Studios)

(myself with the GUYS CHOICE AWARDS trophy)

Photos and text by Oliver Carnay

Spike TV gave the biggest shout-outs in television history as winners announced and honored the coolest guys and things they love most. The two-hour presentation (taped-live on Sunday and aired Wednesday, June 13 at 10:00 p.m. ET/PT) was one-of-a-kind raucous, star-studded event featured everything guys want -- including comedy, the hottest women in the world, the best in music, sports and so much more.

The first Guys Choice Awards, hosted by comedian Tracy Morgan and was held at the CBS Radford Studios in Los Angeles, featured unforgettable tributes to legendary entertainers, and rockers who did house-shaking musical performances. A first, each category was narrowed down to two nominees, “so it can be settled like men.”

Voting relied on its millions of viewers who picked the winners from each category at www.guyschoice.spiketv.comand decided to bow down to top spots from sports, music, film, television, and the internet.

Adam Sandler took home one of the night’s top honors, voted the ultimate “Guy’s Guy” while his favorite band of all time STYX rocked the house singing its mega hit “Renegade.” He was later toasted by friend and comedian Kevin James, his co-star in the upcoming movie “I Now Prnounce You Chuck and Larry” (which will be in theatres July 20).

Presented to “Swingers” movie co-stars Vince Vaughn and Jon Favreau was the first-ever “Guy Movie Hall of Fame Award.” Comedian Will Ferrell walked away with two awards – “Funniest M.F.” and “Most Viral Video” for his work in “The Landlord.”

Among the highlights include the musical performance of ZZ Top with a sizzling dance performance by Carmen Electra. Others who participated were Chuck Liddell, Elisha Cuthbert, Mandy Moore, Andy Samberg, Artie Lange, Brittany Snow, Chris Cornell, Disturbed, James Gandolfini, Joe Rogan, Kelly Carlson, Masi Oka, Rob Corddry, Seth Rogen, Sofia Vergara, Steve-O, Bill Goldberg, Quinton “Rampage” Jackson, Tricia Helfer, and Will Forte, among others.

Here is the complete list of winners: GUY’S GUY – Adam Sandler; BIGGEST ASS KICKER – Gerald Butler (from his role as Leonides in “300”); BALLSIEST BAND – Disturbed; HOTTEST GIRL ON THE PLANET – Adriana Lima; LUCKIEST BASTARD – Cash Warren; FUNNIEST M.F. – Will Ferrell; GIFT FROM THE GODS – Minka Kelly; MOST UNSTOPPABLE JOCK – LaDainian Tomlinson; NAUGHTIEST CYBERVIXEN – Christine Dolce; MOST DANGEROUS MAN – Chuck Liddell; FEMME FATALE – Rose McGowan (for Grindhouse); KINGPIN (GUY OF THE YEAR) – James Gandolfini; COCKIEST CREW – “Jackass 2” Crew; GUTSIEST MOVE – Stephen Colbert; SICKEST RHYMES – Jay-Z; SEXIEST IMPORT – Bar Rafaeli; COOLEST GEEK – Masi Oka; BEST GANGSTERTAINMENT – “The Departed;” HOTTEST JESSICA – Jessica Alba; CHAIRMAN OF THE BOARD – Shaun White; GAME WITH THE MOST GAME – Madden NFL ’07; MOST VIRAL VIDEO – Will Ferrel in “The Landlord;” and GUY MOVIE HALL OF FAME – “Swingers” Vince Vaughn and Jon Favreau. (More pics at Photo Gallery )