The First MR EARTH USA Pageant 2007
The 1st Mr. Earth USA 2007

The first Mr. Earth USA Pageant 2007, organized by Third League and whose mission is not only to search the best among candidates who can represent the title, but to show humanity and masculinity of man at any angle of ethnicity, to show the flexibility of man towards different issues in life, enhancing more discipline, cultural values and understanding differences among a very diverse individuals.

The group Third League aims to provide fun, loving and friendly environment that understands differences, to establish camaraderie that will nurture personal growth among members, and providing network of resources to individuals that need assistance to accomplish their goals.

Two major events comprise the pageant, the Preliminary –which will take place on July 22nd in Bellflower, California, and the finals on August 12, 2007, which will be held at the Celebrity Centre International in Hollywood (please see details at poster below).

Currently, there are sixteen candidates vying for the title. All 18 – 35 years old in any ethnic background are welcome to join. For more details, please email RJ Cruz at or call at (626) 689-3229.