Uncut version of Lino Brocka's MACHO DANCER

A scene from Lino Brocka's "controversial film Macho Dancer"

In celebration of the 5th anniversary of the Outfest Legacy Project for LGBT Film Preservation, a collaboration with the UCLA Film and Television Archive - the only program in the world dedicated to saving and protecting LGBT moving images, Outfest has asked 5 filmmakers, musicians and journalists to select and introduce a favorite film from the Legacy Collection. Selections included “Clueless” (1995), “Hustler White” (1996), “Mädchen in Uniform” (1958), “Out of the Shadows/Sign of Protest” (1970) and “Macho Dancer” (1988).

Lino Brocka’s “Macho Dancer” will have a special screening on Monday, July 12, 9:30 p.m. at the Directors Guild of America during the long-week Outfest 2010, also known as the 28th Gay & Lesbian Film Festival.

When “Macho Dancer” was first released theatrically, Filipino censors severely edited many of the film’s most explicit moments. Brocka, then, was openly gay and an outspoken leader for social and political justice. The sole surviving 35 mm print of Lino Brocka’s original version, uncut and uncensored, was smuggled out of the Philippines and shown to a limited number of international film festivals. This print is now part of the permanent collection of The Museum of Modern Art in New York.
Macho Dancer is a provocative film that explores the lives of teenage hustlers struggling to survive in Manila’s steamy red-light district and is based on a true story.

Abandoned by his American lover, a teen-ager (Allan Paule) from the mountains, journeys to Manila in an effort to support his family. With a popular “call boy” (Daniel Fernando) as his mentor, Paul enters the glittering world of male strippers, prostitution, drugs, sexual slavery, police corruption and murder. Daniel Fernando received the Gaward Urian Best Actor Award for his role as the “mentor” and lead actress Jaclyn Jose received the Best Actress Award.

The film is 100 minutes and will be presented in Tagalog, with English subtitles. The event is being introduced by Allan Q. Brocka (award-winning filmmaker and nephew of the legendary filmmaker) in collaboration with Barangay. For tickets, please log on to www.outfest.org or at the Directors Guild of America box office during the festival.