"Bakal Boys" screens at the Anaheim International Film Festival (Oct. 13 - 17)


Dir., Ralston G. Jover, Philippines, 2009, 93 min
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Moviemaking in the Philippines has perhaps never been more exciting than it is right now, partly because of the dynamic clash between a commercial movie sector that churns out entertainments full of violence and melodrama, and an independent community that makes often radical, nearly non-narrative films. In between these two extremes lies Ralston G. Jover’s superb film that blends terrific storytelling and docu-realism for an emotionally affecting account of young boys diving for metal scraps off the shore of Manila’s worst slum. Their discovery a large anchor appears to be the jackpot they’ve been dreaming of, but this is only the beginning of an adventure that may bring out the handkerchiefs. -Robert Koehler

DIRECTOR - Ralston G. Jover