Premiere and FREE screening of "AMERICAN FLYER" starring Douglas Spain and Danny Trejo
Premiere and FREE screening of "American Flyer" (North by El Norte) at Downtown Independent Theatre on Friday, July 1st at 9 p.m. before its DVD release on July 5, 2011

What: "American Flyer" (North by El Norte) Premiere
Where: Downtown Independant Theater
251 S. Main St.
Los Angeles Ca 90013
When: July 1st, 2011, 9pm (after party at rooftop after the screening!)
(Street parking or Valet parking available for $5.00)

RSVP to,, or call Mark at 323-947-9059 or Jeff Lewis, at 818-400-8845.

. FREE TO PUBLIC (Please arrive early!)

"American Flyer" stars Douglas Spain, Danny Trejo, Patricia Rae, Julian Scott Urena, Julian Ipock, Justin Huen, Jason S. Gray, Peter Mark Vasquez, Del Zamora, Carmina Garay, Russell Gannon, Anelia Dyoulgerova, Isavel Cueva, Carmen Corral, Yennifer Behrens, Richard Azudia, Sheila Korsi, Emanuel Loarca, Victor Lopez, Ricardo Mamood, Demetrius Navarro, Erlinda Orozco, Jessie Ramirez, Emilio Rivera, Yadi Valerio Rivera, Vicki Roberts, Douglas Tait, and Isabella Sahara Tait.

"American Flyer" (written, produced, and directed by Mark Christensen) is the story of a young, Mexican man named Bondo (Douglas Spain) who looses his father in an attempt to cross the border to the Untied States. Encouraged by his Uncle (Danny Trejo), Bondo makes his way to Tijuana where he meets up with his beautiful, over-sexed cousin (Patricia Rae), who also longs for a better life in the U.S. While in Tijuana he is manipulated into working as a "mule" for the chief of police (Julian Urena). In an effort to avoid being killed by the chief and after a failed attempt to cross the border through conventional means, Bondo is inspired by an article that he sees in a magazine and builds an incredible, flying machine out of a wheel barrow and flies it across the border to a new life and complete his father’s dream.
The film is 86 minutes, in Color, 35mm Panavision Anamorphic, Aspect: 2.35 x 1, and is not rated. "American Flyer" is being released on dvd in all Target and Walmart outlets starting July 5, 2011.

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Bio of Mark Christensen (writer, producer, director of "American Flyer" (North by El Norte)

Raised in the San Francisco bay area, schooled in Denver, Colorado.

Mark Christensen was an avid athlete and performer and soon became a World Champion skateboarder and pioneering snowboarder in the early 1980's.

Mark turned to guitar and formed the band "The Guild," a key band in the Denver punk music scene at that time—all the while securing a degree in Architectural Design.

He also began restoring vintage cars where he developed his fabrication skills that would later serve in him in well in the world of DIY film making.

Seeking greater challenges, Mark moved to Hollywood in the 90's to make music and discovered he felt compelled to tell story on film. He bought a cheap 16mm Bolex movie camera and started to film a "short" using actors from his acting class. After building entire city sets and custom alien vehicles, the backyard "Sci-Fi project,” developed into the expressionist, experimental cult film "Boxhead Revolution".

“Boxhead” became Mark's personal "film school", growing from a 20-minute short in to a full-blown feature film which went on to the international film festival circuit, and was critically well received at its premiere in New York. The Village Voice called it "...the year's bad-trip holy grail". The NY Post exclaimed: "-A funky sense of humor that makes it the perfect midnight movie!". Even the New York Times accused him of "...trying to remake Fritz Lang's "Metropolis" using a child's video camera."

After many short films and Music Video's, Mark went back to work, restoring cars between L.A. and Tijuana, Mexico. He there personally observed the hard lives and dreams of Mexican auto body workers. This became the inspiration for the film "American Flyer".

This was Mark's first "professional" film project- working with established actors such as Danny Trejo, Douglas Spain and Patricia Rae. This became his "trial-by-fire" of 35mm filmmaking, after numerous Production and Post-Production setbacks, he finally completed "American Flyer" after 4 years - winning Best Picture at the Mojave Film Fest 2010.

Mark Christensen currently lives in Hollywood Calif, where he is developing new movie projects and can be found tinkering with vintage vehicles and building Props.