"The Boss, Anatomy of a Crime" (El patrón, anatomía de un crimen), a suspenseful feature drama from experienced documentary filmmaker Director Sebastian Schindel
Movie review by Oliver Carnay

(Argentinian actor Joaquin Furriel, shown above -- lead star of the film, gave a compelling performance in this new film by experienced documentary filmmaker Sebastian Schindel)

One of the most engaging films I've watched at the recent Santa Barbara International Film Festival was called THE BOSS, ANATOMY OF A CRIME (El patrón, anatomía de un crimen), directed by Sebastian Schindel. The film is based on a true story of an illiterate butcher who was driven to kill his unscrupulous boss forcing him to soak rotten meat with chlorox and mix with fresh meat, before selling them. A case of a worker’s exploitation and labor corruption. In a fit of rage, a tragic consequence is met by an employer when somebody is forced and pushed to his limit.

In this dramatic and suspenseful feature film debut of experienced documentary filmmaker Schindel, great performance is seen in the cast, particularly an unknown veteran actor from Argentina, Joaquin Furriel, the main lead whose very characterized face adds a lot to an effective, controlled acting, as a huge submissive worker that is humble and patient but snapped because he cannot take the abuse anymore. Furriel gave a compelling performance that is seen throughout the film.

Schindel, using alternate scenes - flashbacks before the murder, during the investigation - weaving the story of the main characters, leading to the act of killing, were creatively executed, and the plot and storytelling was skillfully made and very engaging.

Watch out for this beautiful film in upcoming film festivals near you (I hope it gets a U.S. distribution).