Century Tuna Superbods Challenge 2016 Winners announced

Tom Esconde and Olivia Medina were declared the winners of Century Tuna Superbods 2016 on Sunday, April 10 at the Palace Pool Club in Taguig. Philippines.

Clint Bondad and Ambra Gutierrez were declared as first runner-up winners, while Chet Abella and Ali Khatibi were declared 2nd runner-up winners.
The 2014 winners Mauro Lumba and Sarah Polverini were there to pass their titles to Tom and Olivia.

Teresa Herrera hosted the show, together with Mark Nelson and Gelli Victor.
Special Awards were also given to the following:
Beach Bodies: Shawn Stansbury and Ambra Gutierrez
People’s Choice: Kaara Tan and Pio Luz
Fittest Individual: Clint Bondad and Ambra Gutierrez
Belo Beautiful Skin: Clint Bondad and Chet Abella
Stylish Superbod of the Night: Olivia Medina and Clint Bondad
Most Photogenic: Natalia LaLonde and Tom Esconde
Runway Superbod of the Night: Ameen Sardouk and Chet Abella
Superbods challenge winners: Cassie Umali and Andrew Aurellano

(See my interview with U.S. Superbod Challenge Winner Andrew Aurellano here)