Crime action-thriller "DUTCH" (the first of a trilogy), directed by Preston A. Whitmore II stars Lance Gross, with supporting roles from Macy Gray and former model turned actor Jeremy Meeks
by Oliver Carnay

James Bernard Jr., a.k.a. "Dutch," has become the most dangerous criminal in New Jersey. From his early skill as a car thief, Dutch recognized the opportunity to rule the streets and he seized it. With both the protection and respect of the Mafia, Dutch becomes the most terrifying force on the streets. District Attorney Anthony Jacobs is determined to take down Dutch and his crew, and he's confident that his witnesses will testify against them.

"DUTCH" - the first from a trilogy of an urban-lit cult classic from the Teri Woods series DUTCH that breaks all the rules. It introduces a player who will use any means necessary to dominate the streets-and beyond. There isn’t an angle he can’t work or a woman he can’t seduce and it’s taken Bernard James, Jr. aka Dutch, no time at all to turn an African drug lord’s stolen heroin business into the East Coast’s most feared drug empire.

And there’s no shortage of enemies vowing to take him down, including a vengeful Mafia heir, an ambitious DA and a conscience-stricken former friend. But none of his enemies can stop what they can’t see. With his life on the line, and the face of the enemy in everyone he sees, Dutch plays the game and scores a winning hand in the face of all that betrayed him.

But, there is one woman Dutch just can’t resist who will shake his ice-cold control to its core. And it will be the one betrayal that he never sees coming that will put more than he ever imagined at risk.

Lance Gross stars as BERNARD 'DUTCH JAMES with a stellar cast of talented actors such as Jeremy Meeks, Macy Gray, Gunna, Natasha Marc, Tyrin Turner, James Hyde, Melissa Williams, Markice Moore, Michael Blackson, Robert Costanzo,, Iyana Halley, Kyle Massey, Malcolm David Kelley, Celeste Thorston, Cami Storm, Jeremy Weaver, James Quattrochi, Lenny Citrano, Eric Callero, Darrell Johnson, Brent Gutierrez, and a lot more.

Directed by Preston A. Whitmore II, who also wrote the script with Terri Woods (originally based from his novel), Cinematography by Brian Taylor, and edited by Andy Jones together with Salvatore Sclafani. The film is produced and distributed by IMANI ENTERTAINMENT GROUP.

The film will have a red carpet World Premiere in Atlanta, Georgia on November 24, 2020, and starts to roll out in theaters November 26, 2020.