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Xavier Dolan returns to 2016 AFIFEST presented by Audi for his new well-received “IT’S ONLY THE END OF THE WORLD”

Text and photos by Oliver Carnay

'IT'S ONLY THE END OF THE WORLD' lead star Gaspard Ulliel (top right) and Xavier Dolan (bottom right) at the AFIFEST 2016 screening and Q&A held at Egyptian Theatre.

(Hollywood, CA - November 12, 2016) -Director Xavier Dolan, producer Nancy Grant and actor Gaspard Ulliel attended in full formal attires at the screening of their latest new Canadian-French drama - IT'S ONLY THE END OF THE WORLD (“Juste la fin du monde”) on November 12th at the Egyptian Theatre at AFI FEST 2016 presented by Audi.

Dolan first attended AFIFEST in 2014 when his Cannes Jury Prize film “Mommy” screened at AFIFEST two years ago. Now, his latest film, another Cannes winner - 2016 Gran Prix, starring Gaspard Ulliel in the lead, playing a writer who goes back to his hometown, after 12 long years, to meet up with his family and announce that he is dying. The film is heartbreaking and deals with resentment, feuds, fueled by loneliness, doubts where attempts at empathy are sabotaged by one’s incapacity to listen and show love. The film delivers another exciting and extraordinary piece, with great performances by Vincent Cassel, Marion Cotillard, Lea Seydoux, and Nathalie Baye.

“It’s an honor to be back and again, be invited to do the honor of representing your film. To be with other invited guests, with a group of talented people when you see them you feel lucky to be here,” writer-director Xavier Dolan excitedly opens the conversation after the screening. “I’ve focused a lot on the mother and son relationship and I was happy to break the branch of family progression and talk about the brothers and sisters, which I have never tackled before,” Dolan explaining about his latest obra.

“It’s about love and miscommunication. Sometimes, it is hard for people in the same family to get along and express love to one another. There is a reflection there that can apply to many situation,” producer Nancy Grant explained briefly what the film is about.

“It’s always nice to have a different take on a movie with a new audience. There’s a real process of identification with each of the characters in the movie. Anyone can identify with the story,” Ulliel relates when asked what was her take in bringing the movie to the audience.

Here is an excerpt from the Q&A after the screening:
11.24.16 by OC