An unforgettable play at Renberg Theatre,  a concert that’s rare at the Grand Theatre in Anaheim, and awesome performances at Noypitz DTLA rounding off the day!  

By Oliver Carnay

“Aristotle and Dante Discover the Secrets of the Universe”

I had a great day yesterday (Saturday), starting at 3 p.m. watching “The Bottoming Process” at the Renberg Theatre (corner McCadden Place and Santa Monica Blvd. in Hollywood).  Great play written by Nicholas Pilapil and directed by Rodney To, I was stunned by its ending.  I’ve been lucky to watch this matinee, and boy, I got the chance to watch Kurt Sanchez Kagazawa (the understudy of George Salazar playing “Milo”), he marvelously took the character of Miles to a T.  I wish I had the chance to see George Salazar last night but we (Sthanlee and Bradford) had to leave.  I truly recommend this play that talks about the model minority myth. Catch the rest of the performances, it’s playing until June 12.
I tagged along Bradford to The Grand Theatre in Anaheim to catch the 6 p.m. concert of The Reo Brothers.  My BFF Saira Bunny Paras was able to make it, so we had a great time dancing and singing along to nostalgic songs from The Beatles, The Beach Boys, Bee Gees, America, The Letterman, and they can sing Tagalog OPMs from VST as well! I enjoyed their version of “Imagine” by John Lennon and “How Deep Is Your Love” by Bee Gees.  Once in a while I love to hear these old songs. It brings a lot of memories .. and it’s different enjoying hearing them live with a band while the audience are dancing in front and stomping on their feet, enjoying the show. 

Great job Ralph, Roy, Raymart, Ron, and Reno who gave the audience a 2 and a half non-stop entertainment!  Congratulations to Faith of GFBayona Productions, Amor Yu of AmorYu Productions (promoter), and also thanks to Job Lao of JobLao Productions.  The Reo Brothers are heading to Sacramento for another concert tonight (Sunday) and next week, they will be in New Jersey.  Good luck for the rest of your U.S.-Canada 2023 Tour!

Our last stop was at the Noypitz Bar & Grill in downtown, L.A.  My good friend/concert promoter Pia Amor Legaspi invited me to join their table for the concert of Maricar, L.A.’s Showband Diva, together with 4700 Band.  I was surprised and delighted to see old time friends at our table like Edwin Raquel and wife Lani, and the ever sweet couple Felson Palad and Donita Rose.  
Adjacent to our table were the original Power Diva Ms. Djohanna Garcia (Giji Kocher) and “the” Ami Almerol with her partner and some friends.  Ami is getting ready for her 65th birthday and we’re all wishing her abundant blessings to come, more happiness and cheers.  Giji had an impromptu performance last night with her signature song “This Is My Life” and indeed she never fails to fascinate her audience.  Felson Palad and Maricar, on the other hand, gave one of the best rendition I’ve seen singing “The Greatest Love of All” .. please watch the videos on my youtube channel “Hollywoodflip by Oliver Carnay,” and please “like” and “subscribe” na rin if you happen to enjoy the other interesting vidclips, I have uploaded about 445 videos so far!
And how was your Saturday, guys?