Anesu Mutara takes his Hollywood dream

By Oliver Carnay

HOLLYWOODFLIP interviews triple-threat actor Anesu Mutara

There is a flock of foreign actors trying their luck in Hollywood every year and most of them are having a hard time taking the first step getting their foot at the door and completing their package before getting a representation. It takes talent, perseverance, and luck sometimes to start with.

British actor Anesu Mutara are one of those hopefuls who took acting classes at the prestigious Stella Adler Art of Acting Studio and as soon as he got his work permit, a manager spotted him and took him into his wings. He immediately got signed with an agency and started booking. In a short span of time, he became SAG-Eligible. Read below about his journey:

HOLLYWOODFLIP: What were you doing in U.K. before deciding to study acting here in Los Angeles?

ANESU M: Back in the U.K I was known as a football (soccer) player. I was scouted and played for teams such as Cardiff City Academy, Leicester City, Birmingham City, Burton Albion, Watford, Aston Villa and a few others, as well as playing for a lot of local clubs.� Aside for being a soccer player, I’m also known for dancing. I used to perform at school competitions and would get hired to perform at clubs with different age groups.

I also choreographed dancing at schools for younger kids that had talent shows or school showcases that they would put on for friends and family.

Growing up I also love making music and performing .. I would dance all the time any chance I’d get to be out in front of people, whether it’s at church, school, at clubs… I’d do it!

Anesu back in U.K. was a well known soccer player competing for schools, local club teams, and pro youth academies.

Anesu spent time performing at different club events and teaching kids at schools.

He is a role model and the younger crowd always look up to him.

Anesu has performed in different churches, club events, schools, carnivals, among other venues in U.K.

HOLLYWOODFLIP: I noticed you have high social media followers, too. How did you acquire those?� Send me links of all your social media.

ANESU M: I started getting a lot of followers first on Facebook then Twitter, and then on Instagram. I started making silly funny videos on Facebook and then post them! Silly videos that I did for fun like “When Girls Wear Too Much Make-Up” (where I ended up putting ketchup on my face) and it went viral. Somehow, it got a lot of views and reached a lot of different countries so I just kept it going! I also used to post fun soccer freestyle videos from our kitchen when I was younger and also a lot of dance videos. Performing around my city and other vicinity boost up my social media followings. I played soccer for every school that I studied at, from Glen Hills Primary School (year 6) all the way to Tresham College for higher education. In my 9th year, I had also created a dance group I called ‘REWIND ‘ with my girlfriend and a few of our friends. We used to perform together at other schools while we were studying at South Wigston High School.�

By the way, you can follow me on social media here:

HOLLYWOODFLIP: So a lot of youngsters have looked up on you as a role model?

I always try to keep my content as PG13 as I can for my younger audience since I now know that a lot of kids watch my videos even though PG13 isn’t always the outcome! Yes, during those years a lot of the youngsters look up to me as their big brother because I teach them how to dance and I performed a lot in schools. I was popular to them and it feels good to inspire kids, lol!

I have had a lot of messages from kid’s parents & families reaching out telling me how much their children talk about me and look up to me. Looking back, it’s good to see how the younger generation those of my age are when they’re around me. Even though I know I have a long way to go in my career as an artist and entertainer it’s great to hear and see that I’m bringing a positive vibe, motivating and inspiring others. And it’s good to know that my school alma mater created a school article about me. They do follow my American Dream and my Hollywood journey!

HOLLYWOODFLIP: What year and what motivated you to move to Los Angeles?

ANESU M: I moved to Los Angeles in late 2014. My Dad would always tell me “If your dream is bigger than the city you live in, you need to get out .” So that motivated me to chase and work hard for what I wanted.� I moved to LA to pursue a career in the entertainment business and to get the right training. After doing a two year professional conservatory, I finally graduated at Stella Adler’s Art of Acting Studio with a BA Hons in Acting.

HOLLYWOODFLIP: From what age and where do you think you first shaped up your acting training, and other skills you have?� What do you love most doing — creating music, acting, dancing, singing, being a comedian, fashionable/modeling, or any other things in particular?

ANESU M: Funny thing! .. I think from South Wigston High School to Countesthorpe College and getting into Guthlaxton College I’ve first been introduced to my acting technique because I had been also getting a lot of experience in life and I have to be smart in a lot of ways! But professionally the school that shaped my acting was most definitely Stella Adler Art of Acting Studio.

The things I love to do most is creating! I love creating music, writing and arranging my own music.. melodies, harmonies, everything! Dance choreography, video footage of what I would like to be in or to see myself acting. My first love is playing soccer as that will always be where I think started and what has always been in me. I don’t think I’ll ever lose the love or the skill for the sport.� I love fashion, too .. I think I’m typically fashionable.� I love making people laugh and smile! Comedy is where I’m at but I love doing drama with a little bit of romance on the sides .. love it!

HOLLYWOODFLIP: What type of acting techniques did you learn, taking acting classes and which do you think you excel more?

ANESU M: Acting techniques : Scene Study, Voice & Speech, Movement, Business, Film, Shakespeare, Audition technique, On Camera, Mask, Extra Dialect classes (Accent), among others.

I personally think every single one of them shaped me and taught me something new to acting but I would say that I excelled more in Film, On Camera, Business & Movement. I also loved taking Shakespeare like I never thought I would!

HOLLYWOODFLIP: What achievements did you acquire after graduating from Art of Acting?� How did you get representations right away?� What sort of things did you do to get a representation?

ANESU M: After graduating, Art of Acting hosted a Talent Showcase for industry people where Agents, Managers, Casting Directors watch you perform. I had seven offers to sign with and chose I believe suited my best choice. My manager sent me to different talent agencies for interviews and he had me signed the agency he thinks is best for me. I started going out and never been busier. I immediately booked an Apple commercial for iPhone7+ that played worldwide. The first day it went out on youtube it immediately got 3 million views! I played the lead barber and it was so cool to see my face every television (it played hundred times in a day in every major television shows .. it’s crazy!)

The iPhone 7Plus Apple commercial Anesu booked which gained 3 million views on its first day (and now more than 6.7 Million views):

I have booked a LEAD role playing a 17 year old boy named MILES. It is set to air on TLC & Destination America. This is something I am proud of and it is very different from any roles I have done. Contrary to most people have seen me, this is a very dramatic role.

I also very recently booked an undisclosed project commercial playing a PRINCIPAL role of the HERO kid in the neighborhood, the little brother opposite with all these well-known big personalities. It’s going to be out soon!

I did an AD for Anti Smoking by BUZZFEED, among other things. But what I am excited about is the feature film I recently booked which its character is also attached to a television series so I’ll be playing in the feature film version and will continue as a television series. I also booked another film they are waiting for an investor. So great things should happen within the next two years .. we can’t say too much about them yet but these are exciting times!!

HOLLYWOODFLIP: You’ve been lucky enough to get representations after graduating in a school in Los Angeles and get to be a working actor sooner than you imagined.� What sort of advise would you give to other foreign actors trying to make it in Hollywood?��

ANESU M: I would say that never get too comfortable. Work hard, pray hard and never give up! I remember talking with my parents one night and telling them that after school there are people who just say “..finally! It’s over .. let me rest a little bit!” then end up resting for the longest time and never doing anything.� You should always keep busy and challenging yourself .. always be proactive! Never give up! When we realize it’s not that easy, don’t give up. You put everything you got no matter how tough it gets! We fail, we get up, we fail better .. and we get up!

So in a nutshell, always remember that better days are coming. What you’re going through is only a phase and it will get better! Keep on keeping on and don’t stop, help others, motivate others. We got to work harder because we’re from another country trying to make it in their playing ground.

And … network! You never know who you’ll become friends with!

HOLLYWOODFLIP: What type of movies and television shows you usually watch? Do you like comedy, horror, action, or musicals? What are your current favorite tv shows?

ANESU M: I love all types of movies! .. except horrors much! But funny because the TV show I just did … may make you jump a little!�
So far, my favorite television show has been STRANGER THINGS! Shout out to Millie Bobby Brown who plays ‘Eleven’ for representing the brits!�

HOLLYWOODFLIP: How do you see yourself ten years from now?�

ANESU M: Ten years from now I see myself at a whole different level .. still loving God .. still working hard and working smart in my career as an artist and an entertainer.� I know God has great things set for me so I’ll leave it to him. I’m excited! And Oh… see you at the Oscars! (lol!)

HOLLYWOODFLIP: Any parting words you can give for those who tries the Hollywood Dream?

ANESU M: Faith and Consistency. The industry is a line! It’ll be your turn soon but be patient. Don’t stop being consistent because as soon as you do, someone else will take your spot and you’ll see yourself at the back of the line .. . Have fun and love what you do .. �it also costs $0.00 to be kind so be kind to everyone.

Some of the red carpet events Anesu got invited to were The Los Angeles Fashion Week, OUTFEST, Hollyshorts Film Festival, AFI Film Festival, San Diego International Film Festival, Los Angeles Film Festival, Scandinavian Film Festival, Dances With Films Festival, Sundance NEXT Fest, among others: