Denmark’s official Oscar submission “THE PROMISED LAND” reunites Mads Mikkelsen with Director Nikolaj Arcel after ten years

By Oliver Carnay

Famous Danish actor Mads Mikkelsen with Director Nikolaj Arcel showed up at the AFIFEST Q&A on Saturday (October 28) after the special screening of their latest feature “THE PROMISED LAND.”  Their last collaboration was ten years ago in 2012, in “A Royal Affair.”  
The film is the official Oscar submission from Denmark for Best International Feature. Phenomenally skilled actor Mads Mikkelsen is perfect for the role of soldier Ludvig Kahlen, a commoner-turned-captain in this period movie battling for a grisly land he acquired, insisting it belongs to the king. However, a ruthless landowner named Frederick De Schinkel (Simon Bennebjergan) believes he is the rightful owner.
This is an entertaining historical broad-brush epic, gripping, powerful and emotionally stirring, an engaging latest Danish Western feature from director Nikolaj Arcel filled with romance, intrigue and revenge.