Former Power Rangers tv star Davi Santos talks about how he got the role of Tim Wyman in the adapted film version of Jay Bell acclaimed novel “Something Like Summer” (playing at Outfest on July 15 at 11 a.m.)

By Oliver Carnay

An exclusive interview

by Oliver Carnay

Former �Power Rangers� tv star Davi Santos is starring in the new LGBT film �Something Like Summer,� a story about the tumultuous relationship of two secret high school sweethearts who grows over the years being friends and lovers. The movie, helmed by David Berry, is adapted from the acclaimed novel by Jay Bell.

Davi Santos is a Brazilian born American actor best known for his role playing Sir Ivan, The Gold Ranger on the television series �Power Rangers Dino Charge.� I�ve known this guy for a while and was surprised to see him at the recent FilmOut San Diego where the film is doing its round of festival circuit. I decided to throw some questions about the film and asked what else he is up to, so here it is …

HOLLYWOODFLIP: Were you familiar with the novel before accepting the role of Tim Wyman?

DS: The audition with its sides and script were my first introduction to the world of Something Like Summer.

HOLLYWOODFLIP: What was the first thing you thought about upon learning you got the role? How did you prepare Tim’s role?

DS: I was honored. It was a very honest script with role that wanted to play. I read Something Like Winter to get to know Tim�s perspective. I isolated scenes from the book in the film, comparing them and choosing what served the narrative from there.

HOLLYWOODFLIP: Can you talk about how did the role of Tim land in your lap? Could you talk further about the audition and casting process, and with the other cast members?

DS: My manager asked me if I was interested and sent me the material. The story resonated with me, losing �the one� amidst the throughs of growing up, finding them again, wanting to make it work in spite of all the obstacles. It was beautiful, and I wanted to do it on screen.

I filmed a self-tape with a close friend, and they casted from there. I learned that all my material online was reviewed. My short films, Densely Hollow, even my other audition tapes that were available online at the time. Austin Mckenzie had been cast at that point. We had a Skype session.

He went to Broadway with Spring Awakening, so the film needed a new Ben. I went to LA for the chemistry read with the new actors considered. I was in the room with the producer, the director, the DP, the casting director, an assistant, and I read with some great actors, all quite different from one another actually. We also Skype read with Actors in NYC. We had a round of callbacks, and the decision was made from there. Grant was the guy.

HOLLYWOODFLIP: What was the atmosphere during the shoot?

DS: It was a fantastically organized shoot. The actors got along, the director gave us liberty, and we were each committed to the story. We filmed in some lovely locations, and we got to start every day kind of late in the morning, so we were well rested. After coming out of a set that had only 5AM start times, 10AM was another planet.

HOLLYWOODFLIP: What was or were your favorite scenes, and memorable scene(s) in the film?

DS: So many actually. It spans different years, different rites of passage, but if I had to choose, it would be the very end at the Art Gallery. It felt like the alter, an ode to hope at second chances. Otherwise it was the Mexican Food joint where Ben and Tim meet, cause guess what we got to eat afterwards?

HOLLYWOODFLIP: How was it like working with director David Berry and with your co-leads Ben Braun and Grant Davis? Where you given special instructions about anything on how each role should be portrayed, or were you given a liberty to explore Tim’s character with your own vision?

DS: David was a minimalist in terms of directing actors, which permitted me to play freely and manifest what I prepared and rehearsed. Ben, unfortunately I only had one scene with, so at the time, my only experience with him was that he had this deep seated resentment. It was funny to actually get to know him afterwards because he�s so endearing. Grant was always up for rehearsal after a full days work before the next day, and I loved how committed he was to the story. He knew it so well.

HOLLYWOODFLIP: How many days did you shoot and where did you shoot?

DS: We filmed for 20 days in Portland, Oregon.

HOLLYWOODFLIP: What other festivals, after FilmOut San Diego would this film be screening?

DS: For the coming few weeks, Im most looking forward to the screenings at Outfest and Rio de Janeiro’s Gender and Sexuality Film Festival.

HOLLYWOODFLIP: What would you like the audience to take after watching this movie?

DS: Dare to love who you love and loves you. Forgive yourself. Believe in loving again.

HOLLYWOODFLIP: As an actor, what type of roles attract you?

DS: Those serendipitously under-the-skin close to self roles that require you to realize who you are, and the opposite that require immersive research and imagination to realize who you could have been.

HOLLYWOODFLIP: Anything you want to promote, projects your fans should be looking out for?

DS: My company, Densely Hollow Films, has exciting upcoming work and I will be facing some frightening characters in The Weinstein�s Polaroid this Summer.

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�Something Like Summer� will be screening at Outfest on July 15, Saturday, at 11 a.m.