“GLITTER & DOOM” screening and Q& A with Alex Diaz, Dir. Tom Gustafson, and screenwriter Cory James Krueckerberg at Frameline Film Festival

By Oliver Carnay

Castro Theatre was packed with more than a thousand people to see the musical “GLITTER & DOOM” which played on Thursday, June 22nd during the 47th anniversary of the longest #LGBTQIA+ international film festival Frameline Film Festival.

Star of the film Alex Diaz, together with #director Tom Gustafson and #screenwriter Cory James Krueckeberg attended the North American Premiere with a Q&A moderated by Festival Sr. Programmer Peter L. Stein.

Triple-threat actor Alex Diaz shines in this visually entertaining musical, showcasing his grace in dancing, singing, and even juggling. Peppered with stunning irresistible mash-up music of Grammy Award-winning @indigogirlsmusic famous tunes (great arrangements!!), Diaz plays the free-spirited kid “Glitter” who dreams of being a circus performer and “Doom,” played by @alancammish Allan Camish, a serious musician.
It was love at first sight for both upon seeing each other during a summer encounter but soon long enough, it is evident that they have to part ways in order to pursue their different dreams. With a great supporting cast, Ming-Na Wen plays Glitter’s rich mom while Missy Pyle is the troubled alcoholic mother to “Doom.” Also in the cast are Delia DeLaria and Tig Notaro. Stylishly directed by Gustafson, it has cameos from Kate Pierson, Broadway star Beth Malone, Peppermint, and the Indigo Girls themselves, Amy Ray and Emily Saliers.
GLITTER & DOOM is currently doing its festival round.