Matthew August Jeffers received Outstanding Performance for Narrative Feature at Outfest 2022 and his film “UNIDENTIFIED OBJECTS” receives Grand Jury Best Audience Award for Best Narrative Feature

By Oliver Carnay

Q&A with Juan Felipe Zuleta (Producer/Director), Leland Frankel (Screenwriter), Sarah Hay (cast), Matthew August Jeffers (cast), and Sebastian Zuleta (Exec. Producer/Music)

Congratulations to the lead star of Outfest U.S. Centerpiece film “UNIDENTIFIED OBJECTS” Matthew August Jeffers.  In the film, Matthew August Jeffers plays Peter, a self-described “college-educated, homosexual dwarf,” keeps to himself in his apartment as he reels from the recent loss of his closest friend. His solitary existence is up-ended when his quirky neighbor Winona shows up at his door with a favor to ask: she’d like to borrow his car so she can drive to the remote Canadian field where aliens are due to beam her aboard their spaceship.

Led by a sensational pair of performances from Matthew Jeffers (TV’s New Amsterdam) and Sarah Hay, this disarming and wholly original take on the roadtrip comedy finds its charm and its power in spotlighting characters who rarely get the lead roles. Directed with a fabulous visual flair by first-time feature helmer Juan Felipe Zuleta, this film demonstrates the thrilling rewards of watching previously sidelined characters take center stage.