“OGIE DIAZ SHOWBIZ UPDATE” youtube channel wins “2022 Most Influential Online Entertainment Program;” Ogie Diaz and two of his co-hosts receives individual awards for “2022 Most Influential Online Entertainment Host”

By Oliver Carnay

Well-known tv personality, actor/comedian, entertainment journalists, book author and talent manager in the Philippines, MR. OGIE DIAZ, accepted and received the award for “2022 Most Influential Online Entertainment Program”  for his regular online channel “OGIE DIAZ SHOWBIZ UPDATE” (I-chika Mo Na, Dali!), which is regularly seen and released on youtube channel every other day.  
The awarding was given during the 21st GAWAD AMERIKA AWARDS held at Celebrity Centre International in Hollywood, California.  He shares the award with his regular main co-host Mama Loi (main co-host) and alternating guest co-hosts  Dyosah Pockoh, Ate Mrena, and Tita Jegs.
Individual citations were also given to Ogie Diaz, Mama Loi, and Dyosa Pockoh for “2022 Most Influential Entertainment Host” which totaled to four trophies given to their program with comic acts. 
Incidentally, the hit youtube showbiz news program coincides with their second anniversary celebration so Diaz was ecstatic to receive the prestigious awards.
The hit tv program “I-CHIKA MO NA, DALI” started almost at the same time Ogie Diaz’s own self-titled personal youtube channel “OGIE DIAZ” emerged (which currently has 3.17 million subscribers), and became busier two years after.  The channel, where he interviews showbiz personalities and people whose unique and challenging stories, most often touching, helps inspire viewers with their daily lives during pandemic.  
The former segment host of several radio and ABS-CBN network tv shows (Mr. Diaz) was looking for an alternative way during pandemic on how to reach out to people after his defunct TV Network (ABS-CBN) where he works, failed to continue its broadcasting franchise in the Philippines, found a way how to utilize his talent by forming and expanding platforms to entertain people.  At the same time that digital online viewing and social media outlets are overpowered by major television networks’ existence, he found a niche and a new platform where he can talk about the latest showbiz news, at the same time use his talent being a comedian and a host.  In addition, his good reputation and camaraderie in the industry, having been worked in the industry for three decades, made it easier for him to find guests for his “Ogie Diaz Inspires” channel.
With the program “I-CHIKA MO NA, DALI” under “OGIE DIAZ SHOWBIZ UPDATE,” he and his co-hosts provide funny moments, and witty side remarks in between flashed out stories and showbiz news.  “OGIE DIAZ SHOWBIZ UPDATE” also nowadays, became a go-to for entertainment news reporters, picking-up fresh and latest news in the entertainment industry.
With the popularity of their online talk show, Ogie Diaz and his team are more recognized in the entertainment field with Ogie’s byword tagline — “Every Gising Is a Blessing” and “I-chika mo na, dali!”.  The show became a household habit of online viewers and vloggers watching the vlogs.  The very popular online talk show is released every other day.  We don’t see this kind of talk shows in any Philippine network programs nowadays so it is understandable that the show is a big “hit” to Filipinos worldwide. 
The GAWAD AMERIKA is a non-profit civic organization that started in 1996, founded by Charles Simbulan who had a vision of helping and cultivating the talents of young Filipino-American achievers who lack the necessary resources to follow their dreams.  The foundation provides Fil-Am families with socio-economic opportunities that nable them to live with dignity and decent ives.  
There are about 275 students who are recipients of the Gawad America’s financial support.  About 89 individuals and families were given shelter and provided jobs.  Business and civic leaders, entrepreneurs and even some political figures in the Filipino-American communities started to recognize its efforts in reaching out to those in need.  
They began to offer support to the foundation and together, they use their resources and dedicate their time and resources to aggressively and passionately help deserving individuals to make their dreams a reality.  Along the way, more and more individuals who ecel in their respective chosen careers and have done remarkable achievements in their communities were given recognition which became a yearly tradition of the Gawad Amerika Foundation, which was later known as the Gaward Amerika Awards.