Oscar-contending docfilm WILD BEAUTY: MUSTANG SPIRIT OF THE WEST raise critical awareness on wild horses to protect them before they disappear

By Oliver Carnay

A special screening with reception and Q&A of Oscar-contending documentary feature “WILD BEAUTY: MUSTANG SPIRIT OF THE WEST” was held last December 12 (Tuesday) at William Morris Endeavor Theatre in Beverly Hills, California .
Attendees were met with real wild horses “Pinzon” and “Marte” in front of the WME office before checking-in for the luncheon to support this award winning documentary and to represent and show the value and intelligence of wild horses everywhere.  Both mustangs were rescued after being subjected to roundups, and thankfully survived.


Marte  was just a few months old when he was rounded up near Cedarville, CA – he was separated from his family, and branded.  A horse who literally wears his “heart” literally on his forehead, Marte is a curious yearling who loves to play with other mustangs, and he loves humans as well.
Pinzon was rounded up in Nevada, and after the traumatic experience by human hands, his trust was completely broken.  It took two years of gentle work for Pinzon to realize some humans can be kind, and he now participates in a program to help show people how to better understand their own nervous systems.  Pinzon participates in Mindful Mustang & its facilitated learning programmes, a division of the Polyvagal Equine Institute.
The award-winning documentary by Ashley Avis (Disney’s “Black Beauty”) helps raise critical awareness for wild horses, to protect them before they disappear. Actress Mackenzie Foy (lead star of “Black Beauty”) gave an inspiring speech before the Q&A with Dir. Ashley Avis, producer Edward Winters and wildlife biologist Erik Molvar (Executive Director at Western Watersheds Project) were in the panel. The event was hosted by www.wildbeautyfoundation.org

The award winning independent film, which is also a Critics Choice Nominee, takes audiences on a multi-year journey of discovery, exploring wild horses living free across millions of acres of public land, while debunking The Bureau of Land Management’s shocking disinformation campaign against them. Rather than following the federal mandate to protect wild horses, The Bureau of Land Management favors multi-million dollar commercial livestock corporations that are abusing Western public lands for profit; resulting in wild horses being rounded up, losing their freedom and families; with some being illegally shipped to slaughter in Mexico and Canada.  Few American taxpayers know this is happening.  The film strikes a delicate balance between the extraordinary beauty of the horses, while also delving into a hard hitting journalistic expose.

Surrounding this journey, Avis launched The Wild Beauty Foundation– a 501c3 which rescues horses, along with creating programs for children.  The filmmakers are using WILD BEAUTY as a tool to help influence legislation, and the film has garnered support from Members of Congress.  In 2023, Avis and her partner Edward Winters received a Special Congressional Commendation for their work, and WILD BEAUTY is now eligible for the Oscars® 2024.  
The filmmakers hope that WILD BEAUTY does what BLACKFISH or THE COVE did for their respective species– and raises critical awareness to protect wild horses, along with other wild species necessary for the health of the ecosystem, before they are lost to history.  
Avis will next write and direct CITY OF ANGELS for Warner Bros. with Charles Roven producing, and is represented by WME & Sugar23.
WILD BEAUTY is now available to stream on Amazon, iTunes, Spectrum, and other platforms.