Outfest had the World Premiere of iWantTFC’s episodic “Sleep With Me” starring Janine Gutierrez and Lovi Poe (directed by Samantha Lee), double billed by digital series “Crazy” with actors/creators Rachel Leyco and Sheena Midori Brevig

Photos, text, and video by Oliver Carnay

The 40th anniversary of Outfest LGBTQ Film Festival had the World Premiere of Filipina stars Janine Gutierrez and Lovi Poe’s new episodic “SLEEP WITH ME” on July 19, 2022, held at the Directors Guild of America.  The latter was able to attend and answer questions during the Q&A panel discussion.  Writer-director Samantha Lee was also present.  The episodic will air on iWantTFC August 11, 2022.
The program was double-billed by another Filipino digital series entitled “CRAZY” starring Rachel Leyco and Sheena Midori Brevig (who are also the creators of the project).
Samantha Lee’s Sleep With Me is a tender romance for insomniacs. Harry DJs the overnight shift at the local radio station, doling out relationship advice “because every broken heart deserves to be heard.” Living as a person with a disability in an ableist society, she’s learned to let the microaggressions wash over her, and uses her positivity to help others find love. Until her eyes meet with Luna, who has a sleep disorder that only allows her to sleep during the day. Luna isn’t always the most pleasant person to be around, having learned not to let people get too close. Their connection is immediate, but can their love overcome the obstacles they both have to face?
“CRAZY” is about two queer Asian-American frenemies battling mental health conditions finding out they are more alike than they realize. Created and also starred by Rachel Leyco and Sheena Midori Brevig, follows Jaz and Leyna, two friends now at odds as their love lives begin to overlap. Jaz is busy figuring out the messy aftermath when her overbearing Filipino mother flushes her bipolar medication down the toilet. Meanwhile, Leyna’s anxiety ramps up after her girlfriend breaks up with her, causing angry retorts in Japanese and some unpleasant physical symptoms. Their journeys converge as they begin to take those first steps to being OK, in this honest and empowering story.  Content advisory: This series contains depictions of mental illness and substance abuse.