PETER SARSGAARD and JESSICA CHASTAIN gives an authentic and captivating performance in their latest movie ‘MEMORY’ that is worthy of nominations at upcoming OSCARS

By Oliver Carnay

A special screening of ‘MEMORY’ was held at the Chinese Theatre 6 last Saturday (October 28) during the AFIFEST four-day festival. Writer-Director MICHEL FRANCO and lead actor PETER SARSGAARD showed up for the Q&A after.

Sarsgaard received the VOLPI CUP AWARD at the recent Venice Film Festival for his performance in this film, playing a man who suffers from dementia, and could lead for an Oscar nomination with Jessica Chastain (who is equally good in this film). The film will be released in theatres this December 2023.

MEMORY is a unique heart-wrenching melodrama love story about two people battling different traumas and mental health concerns, written and directed by Michel Franco. Sylvia (JESSICA CHASTAIN), a single mother who just celebrated her 13th year of being sober and works at an adult day care for individuals who have special needs, meets Saul (PETER SARSGAARD), at their high school reunion. Sylvia is very protective of her daughter (BROOKE TIMBER) who spends more time with her aunt Olivia (MERRITT WEVER). As Sylvia and Saul’s surprise encounter, the meeting creates a profound impact as they each open doors for a relationship, but major hindrances occur when Sylvia meets her estranged grandmother (JESSICA HARPER). JOSH CHARLES plays Isaac, Saul’s brother, who resents their relationship