Scout Durwood’s YOUTOPIA premieres at Outfest LA, July 15 at REDCAT Theater and also available via online streaming

By Oliver Carnay

Following the success of her Streamy-nominated musical series TAKE ONE THING OFF, Scout Durwood’s feature length narrative visual album, YOUTOPIA will premiere at Outfest LA, screening at 7pm at Redcat in DTLA. The film will also be available for online streaming. 

Written and directed by Scout Durwood, YOUTOPIA combines narrative story with eleven original comedy music videos for a single feature-length film. The project explores what happens when life-as-usual doesn’t cut it anymore: how to exit a toxic relationship, first from one person, then from society as a whole. 

The film itself was made outside of the traditional LA pipeline, solidifying Durwood’s prowess as an out-of-the-box director. Scout funded the film with blood, sweat, tears, and a small music video advance from Blue Élan Records, with whom Scout has released two comedy music albums. 

After a devastating break up an elder millennial inadvertently forms a hipster cult. When members start to disappear, the leader is confronted with the knowledge that her journey of self-discovery may trigger the end of civilization as we know it, forcing her to face her most challenging enemy yet: herself.

“It’s been incredible to see how this project has become even more relevant since I wrote it in 2019. I was ready to secede from America and start a commune with my friends then. That urge has only grown stronger with time. The project is unapologetically queer, not just in terms of sexual orientation, but also in its worldview. It’s not about boi meets gurl, it’s about changing society as a whole.”

Scout previously starred in MTV’s Mary+Jane and Oxygen’s Funny Girls. Her 30 minute comedy special is available on the Epix series, Unprotected Sets

The co-stars Jess Rona (HBO Max’s Haute Dog) Christine Lakin (Step by Step), Erica Piccinini, (Jersey Boys) Katie Wee, (Unt. Alec Bladwin/Kelsey Grammar Project) McKenzie Trent (The Adventures of Delores Briggam) Nikki McKenzie (Hawaii Five-O), and Paul Palmeri (Kingpin Katie). Produced by Kourtney Gleason (Hollywood Darlings, Agua Donkeys.)

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