U.K. based World Youth Organization CEO Kieran Goodwin travels Hollywood reaching out to U.S. universities and teen youth organizations for his platforms

By Oliver Carnay

Kieran meets up with WYO staff. “Teamwork is the ability to work together towards a common vision in an orderly, thoughtful, collective manner” – Kieran Goodwin, CEO (Kieran Goodwin’s official Facebook page and links)

For reference about WORLD YOUTH ORGANIZATION (WYO), please go to: www.worldyo.org

Can you briefly let our readers know what were you doing before you got involved with WYO? When did your passion to help other people started? How old were you then?

Before WYO, I swam competitively at a national level in the United Kingdom specifically open water swimming. Other than that I was heavily involved in charity work with Cancer Research UK and a British disability sport non-profit for children raising thousands of pounds at the age of 15.

On an academic level, I was studying at college Health and Social Care with the aim of one day becoming an emergency paramedic.

As CEO of World Youth Organization, what are your main jobs? What sort of services does WYO can give to those people or youth need, and how can someone or an organization help your organization? How long will you be in the U.S.?

As Chief Executive of the World Youth Organization, yes I hold many responsibilities and duties. From planning future projects and programs the non-profit will be operating to expanding the organization internationally, and following the legal obligations a charity must uphold. I am also involved in recruitment from time to time at WYO and hold many meetings a year with my board of trustees and with potential sponsors and other forms of donors.

It was very challenging from the start. Being so young when I launched the charity (17 years old) people initially doubted me and my capabilities of running such a large organisation, overcoming this was a big hurdle for me and sometimes would affect my responsibilities and image of running the World Youth Organization.

The World Youth Organization is a registered charity/non-profit based in the United Kingdom, which supports young people through the transition from childhood to adulthood through educational based workshops and opportunities such as our WYO Educate program which recently launched in July 2017. This program gives out educational workshops to schools up and down the United Kingdom in mental health, sex education, lifestyle skills and careers. This workshop-based initiatives main objective is to push forward important subjects so that more young people are educated with life-based concepts/skills, and not just core curriculum based subjects provided by the state.

What is your main objective in coming to United States in relation to your WYO post? What sort of organizations you are reaching out in the U.S.? How can a U.S. teen organization help and collaborate with you? Have you reached out to any other youth organizations or universities?

KIERAN GOODWIN: I will be based in the heart of Hollywood, Los Angeles for whole three months. During my time here, I�d love to connect with numerous youth centers, colleges and universities talking to them about the World Youth Organization and our exciting program which we will be launching exclusively to LA, called Catch Counselling.

CATCH COUNSELLING is one of the upcoming programs WYO is conducting in Los Angeles. The sessions will be held at Lake Hollywood Park on Monday, September 18, 2017. To sign up, please go here

I have already made contact with a number of US non-profits including Eleveight and the LGBT Center. We hope to connect with many more during our time in the United States to expand the World Youth Organization, across the pond from London.

You hold many titles. You were a blogger/writer at Huffington Posts and The Independent in U.K. and aside from having a big responsibility at WYO, you recently got involved as Regional Judging Panel Member for The Diana Award. What is the Diana Award and what sort of involvement do you have in it?

KIERAN GOODWIN: Yes, aside from WYO, I do external work with other organizations, charities and non-profits around the world including the THE DIANA AWARD (https://diana-award.org.uk/) . The Diana Award is a charity legacy to Diana, Princess of Wales� (whom was a member of the British Royal Family). It was set-up to highlight young peoples achievements and successes. This year I was invited on the judging panel for London, reviewing nominations for the award. It was a truly wonderful experience.

Apart from that, I write occasionally for Huffington Post and The Independent on topics around youth, LGBT, mental health and the charity/non-profit sector.

I heard you also have a passion for creating film content. Now that you are in Hollywood, the capital entertainment of the world, is it possible you can be involved in producing films as well? What other activities or hobbies do you enjoy most?

Yes, I have created numerous music videos with my friend Amy Lee � ha! This content was published on VEVO, a major music video publisher. To be honest, this was only pure fun, but I very much enjoy producing and filming short music videos and YouTube vlogs.

From doing occasional YouTube videos, I also have a weekly podcast which is uploaded to iTunes and Sound Cloud called CEO Talks. There I discuss my life programs (LOL) and what�s currently happening with WYO and my job.

How do you see yourself ten years and twenty years from now? What do you think is your ultimate goal in life?

I�d love to see WYO being a great success across the world, not just in the United Kingdom and it running fantastic programs for young people. For myself, personally � if I�m still working at WYO I would be happy with that but I would love to venture around the non-profit sector to see what other opportunities might be available. I hope in 10 years time, I would have at least met Ellen (DeGeneres)by then too � ha!

If anyone is interested to join, help, be involved, or wants to know more about WYO, do you have any important social media links they can go to?

Really simple. Visit our website www.worldyo.org or find us on social media. We are always up with something. Our Twitter is twitter.com/worldyoutho, my personal profile is www.twitter.com/_kierangoodwin. We are also on Facebook https://www.facebook.com/worldyoutho. Finally, you can always drop me an email to kieran.goodwin@worldyo.org.

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