An astounding applause for French actor Julien de Saint Jean for his feature film “THE LOST BOYS” (LE PARADIS) at Frameline Film Festival screening

By Oliver Carnay

French actor Julien de Saint Jean was ecstatic and speechless after the audience gave an overwhelming applause for his performance and the movie at the end of the screening of his film “THE LOST BOYS” (LE PARADIS).  The screening was held at the iconic Castro Theatre, on Wednesday, June 21st during Frameline Film Festival.  

De Saint Jean, incidentally, was also in another film, “Lie To Me,” screened at the Roxie Theatre a few days ago.  Debuting Belgian filmmaker Zeno Graton was present at the screening and also joined the Q&A.  

LE PARADIS is a beautiful love story about forbidden acts, with minimal dialogue from De Saint Jean, but gives an intense quiet but with such deft subtleness in acting.  Khalil Ben Gharbia (another amazing actor whom I’ve watched in the film “Peter von Kant”), which is equally great in this film, embodies the perfect charisma and talent that fills the frame.  In a juvenile reform center, a place governed by the prohibition of physical contact, Joe (Khalil) and William (de Saint Jean) form a deep affection.  But to love each other, they have to break the law.